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Oil Filter Processing

Automotive by-products pose a threat to our environment. At Renew Resources, we are doing our part to prevent the illegal and accidental discharge of used oil and other automotive products into the storm drainage systems, ditches, and local surface waters by offering a cost effective alternative. By recycling an average 55 gallon drum of oil filters, we generate 13 gallons of oil, 185 lbs. of steel, and 285 kilowatt hours of heat energy. By not recycling, 7.3 cubic feet of landfill space is consumed and valuable recyclable materials are lost forever. Current research shows 50% of all used oil filters are dispensed into the landfills. Show your customers that you care by recycling and using recycled products. When contracting with Renew Resources you can be assured that your business will be protected from adverse environmental impacts due to mismanagement of used oil filters. You can sleep well knowing that Renew Resources will properly recycle your oil filters.

Oil Filter Crusher

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